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Loud behavior, Honda HR-V Not Need Program Promo

Because the product is still relatively new and currently sells, Honda Jakarta Center (HJC) does not include the Honda HR-V in promo-saving program that was held at several malls in the Greater Jakarta.

However, the Main Dealer Honda Jabodetabek still provide convenience to prospective customers who want to have Honda HR-V with a bonus in the form of V-Kool window film.

"Currently HJC only offer promo saving for a car New Jazz, Brio, New Freed and City. As for the HR-V, we love free V-Kool," said Power Hansten, Marketing Manager HJC.

At the exhibition Honda SmartDrive ongoing since 15 until 19 April 2015 at the Atrium Forum Mal Kelapa Gading, HJC offers promo-efficient form of Interest 0%, light installment starting from Rp 1 million to $ 4 million, and the DP that is very affordable.

According to Power, the demand for HR-V is quite high. Honda itself is working on fulfilling the order. "Do not use the promo alone, orders HR-V has a lot. What if coupled with promo?" he said.

Based on sales data released by PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), so far this year, sales of Honda HR-V has reached 12 213 units. The largest contribution came from a 1.5-liter variants whose sales now has penetrated 10 213 units, making it the market leader in the segment LDUV with a market share of 52%.

In March 2015 then, Honda HR-V recorded sales of 4815 units, an increase over the previous sales totaled 3,885 units. (KPL / tr / lrs)
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