Jumat, 05 Juni 2015

Adu 'Way' dragrace Honda Megapro vs Suzuki Satria

No one is justified in the case of illegal racing. Wild race itself synonymous with racing on the highway, without wearing a helmet, safety accessories and that certainly is not an official event with the potential to receive treatment authorities.

Such was done by these students in his busy school. After school they hang out on the streets and try to pit his vehicle to one another, in this case, a Honda and a Suzuki Satria Megapro.

These students is getting ready to precede each other. A moment later, each driver Megapro and the Satria doing 'psywar' with each other do Geber motors.

Once the motor is lauched with fast, all the spectators cheering, and wus! It turns out that their own race is run without using the motor. Watch the video bro deh, make geregetan want nampol!
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