Jumat, 05 Juni 2015

Loud behavior, Honda HR-V Not Need Program Promo

Because the product is still relatively new and currently sells, Honda Jakarta Center (HJC) does not include the Honda HR-V in promo-saving program that was held at several malls in the Greater Jakarta.

However, the Main Dealer Honda Jabodetabek still provide convenience to prospective customers who want to have Honda HR-V with a bonus in the form of V-Kool window film.

"Currently HJC only offer promo saving for a car New Jazz, Brio, New Freed and City. As for the HR-V, we love free V-Kool," said Power Hansten, Marketing Manager HJC.

At the exhibition Honda SmartDrive ongoing since 15 until 19 April 2015 at the Atrium Forum Mal Kelapa Gading, HJC offers promo-efficient form of Interest 0%, light installment starting from Rp 1 million to $ 4 million, and the DP that is very affordable.

According to Power, the demand for HR-V is quite high. Honda itself is working on fulfilling the order. "Do not use the promo alone, orders HR-V has a lot. What if coupled with promo?" he said.

Based on sales data released by PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), so far this year, sales of Honda HR-V has reached 12 213 units. The largest contribution came from a 1.5-liter variants whose sales now has penetrated 10 213 units, making it the market leader in the segment LDUV with a market share of 52%.

In March 2015 then, Honda HR-V recorded sales of 4815 units, an increase over the previous sales totaled 3,885 units. (KPL / tr / lrs)
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10 Prediction Actual Launch Honda HR-V to Indonesia!

Honda HR-V or in Japan, better known by the name Honda Vezel, indeed quite phenomenal post rumored that he will slide into Indonesia. Mentioned by the official website of PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) that it will be launched in September, predictions ahead of the launch was growing.

Classy aura is presenting begotu taste fresh in the eyes of automotive enthusiasts. Introduced in 2013, the great event of the Tokyo Motor Show with a name Honda Vezel, this variant is believed to be increasingly popular in the archipelago with its new name as HR-V.

In addition to the physical figure of the exotic combined with the quality of the device treats the experienced class automaker Honda, he mentioned also becoming more sophisticated through various features that pinned him.

One of which was crowded reported for this is guaranteed safety device safety in its class such as the Electric Parking Brake, Auto Brake Hold, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), and Dual SRS Airbags.

Furthermore, the predictions of any privilege that will be owned by Honda HR-V Indonesia later? (KPL / sHere)
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Adu 'Way' dragrace Honda Megapro vs Suzuki Satria

No one is justified in the case of illegal racing. Wild race itself synonymous with racing on the highway, without wearing a helmet, safety accessories and that certainly is not an official event with the potential to receive treatment authorities.

Such was done by these students in his busy school. After school they hang out on the streets and try to pit his vehicle to one another, in this case, a Honda and a Suzuki Satria Megapro.

These students is getting ready to precede each other. A moment later, each driver Megapro and the Satria doing 'psywar' with each other do Geber motors.

Once the motor is lauched with fast, all the spectators cheering, and wus! It turns out that their own race is run without using the motor. Watch the video bro deh, make geregetan want nampol!
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